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The World Championship

This is the most fascinating challenge for Max: take a part to the World Rally Championship, always with the support of Pirelli, linked brand since many years.

The World Rally Championship (or WRC) is the biggest competition in the world for rally cars.

Fascinating races, challenges to the limits of endurance of men and cars, unique contexts. All that, makes the WRC one of the most spectacular motorsport events in the world.



At the beginning, in 1970, there was the International Championship Production for rally cars. In 1973 the name was changed to “World Rally Championship”. In 1977 and 1978 they created an International FIA Cup for drivers, while in 1979 was established a World Drivers Championship.

The league consists of stage races (currently 13) that are held in various countries of the world by the end of January to early December: every race is made up by some time trials, named special trials, divided in 3 racing days (friday, saturday and sunday). At the end of every race they add up the time of each special stage and the victory goes to who scored the lowest time. The races are are held on all types of track: asphalt, gravel, dirt, snow and ice depending on the location and weather conditions.

he league winner is who collect more points in a season and this counts for productors and drivers. For productors, the points awarded have the same modality of drivers, but the points are attached to the first and the second car of each team.