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Max ed Ivan Rendina back to Rally di Sperlonga

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Max Rendina and his eldest son Ivan are back to race together at Rally of Sperlonga as the last year. The World Champion will be navigated by Emanuele Inglesi and Ivan will be navigated by Mario Pizzuti a trusted co-driver of his father.

Rome, 12nd December 2019 - Max will drive a Skoda R5 meanwhile Ivan is going to race with a Fiesta R2 both of these fitted with Pirelli tyres.
Here follow the statements of the protagonists. Ivan Rendina: “It’s a race that I’m very close to because it was my first race, I want to give a special thanks to my father for the support that never fails me!”
Emanuele Inglesi: “Finally after a year Max and I go back to race together, motivated by the desire to have fun on the stage of this amazing Rally.”
Mario Pizzuti: “Once again called to be at the side of the Rendina’s family, as if it were a consolidated tradition. I am ready to give the maximum effort to get on the podium and to try to convey the experience gained to the young driver. A challenge in the challenge that will certainly give great show.”

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