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Victory and leadership for Rendina-Pizzuti in Mexico

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The World "Production" Champions in charge, with their Lancer “33” ruberizzed Pirelli, at their second World Championship participation of the season won a significant success, touching the absolute top ten. The comment at arrival: “ It was a hard race. Our target has been reached and Mexico remains "our" race. In the heart!”.

Leon (Mexico), March 09, 2015 - Max Rendina, Mario Pizzuti, the Lancer “33”. The triptych that repeats. After the Mexico Rally, last weekend, the Motorsport Italia's trio took the provisional leadership of the WRC "production" Cup , thanks to the success achieved by the force and the heart, in a punishing gravel race.

If the last year the Mexico Rally for Rendina and Pizzuti was the big incentive for the world title their second participation in Central America revived the same balances, thanks to an impressive victory, the Motorsport Italia’s duo was the first of the Italian crews in the race.

The Mexican race was difficult, testing the character of the crews and the reliability of the cars. In the first part of the race Rendina and Pizzuti suffered with the clutch, fatigued by the fact that it had to make too many maneuvres on the starting platform blocked. Then, during the second day, an landing from a big and long jump damaged the oil pan with heavy consequences for the turbo, and lost time in the leg. The Lancer Evolution's mechanics resisted at the high stress of an extremely conditions caused by running at high altitude forcing Rendina - Pizzuti to drive with tactics to get the important points for the world production provisional standing.

The last leg, that included one stage of 55 kilometres long, saw the Lancer "33" Pirelli equipped, signed the best time of the category that decreed the "production" victory, the leadership of the provisional standings and a remarkable 12th overall place, first of the Italian crews arrived in the race.

So, the story repeated: "Last year Mexico entered immediately in our heart for many reasons– said Rendina - A love that was paid for everything and this feeling is strengthened this year with a new victory, with the support of the mexican, with truly unique sensations. The race was tough, even painful, it testing the car so much that proved to be a tank, and the team’s work was excellent, magnificently. We thank all for the support, also from Italy, with their expressions of joy, we are grateful to Pirelli for the great technical help and I must thanking my co-driver Mario for his great job at my side. Now, there are others competitors must will have to undertake to reach us. . .but we will try to continue this trend in the production WRC ranking!”.

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