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Second time for Max Rendina in Mexico Rally

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The 2014 World "Production" Champion backs to Central America with his Lancer "33" and the desire of success in a race that last year gave strong feelings.

Max said: “Last year was a unique experience that gave us the incentive to start concretely the world production victory. This year we return with the same intentions!”.

The second round of the World Championship season for Max Rendina, will be the Mexico Rally, the third round of the WRC, this weekend in Guanajuato.

The reigning "Production" World Champion, and his codriver Mario Pizzuti arrived at destination and entering in WRC "climate", ready to affront the challenge for the second time on the Mexican land. From the Sweden snow and cold of the mid-February, the Motorsport Italia crew and its Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution “33” will be engaged in a challenge that promises punishing conditions. A success that Rendina and Pizzuti got last year and they intend to repeat this year the same steps of 2014. The Mexico Rally was in fact as a spring for the exciting journey that enbled the world victory, the thirst italian victory after 20 years.

Motorsport Italia organized the transfer to best, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Pirelli equipped will be at the top condition level and certainly the experience of the victorious stages supplied last year will be capitalized to bring heavy championship points in Italy, to be added to those already important of fourth place reached at the season debut in Sweden.

Max Rendina comment: “This race gave us strong feelings last year, this same land, Mexico, gave us emotions and perceptions like no other and for this reason we wanted to come back with conviction. Under the sporting aspect, the victory we got we remember it as the real incentive that projected us towards the world success, we hope will be the same this year. We are ready and the team too, we count on their support and that of Pirelli for much better the fourth Sweden place ”

Will be 21 Special Stages that Rendina and Pizzuti will have in front, for a total of 395.210 kilometers timed. On March 5 is there will the Shakedown and in the evening the start followed by the first stage, only 1 kilometer in the streets of the Guanajuato's city. The first “really” stages of the race, Friday 6 March, will consist of 8 SS (145.130 kilometers of competitive distance). The second stage, on Saturday 7 March will be another 8 SS and Sunday 8 March will consist in 3 SS (75,660 kilometers) wich one of more than 50 km. All Stages will have the characteristic to take place of a constant altitude of over 2000 meters.

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