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Rendina-Pizzuti & Australia Rally: the world production title is nearby

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Even with a lot of bad luck due to electrical problems, the Italian crew still won full points with the victory in the "Production" Cup of WRC-2 in the last race available. The world title is now closer.

The Rally Project Italian Rally Team has achieved today its debut in Australia Rally, with Max Rendina & Mario Pizzuti and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Gr. N prepared in joint with RallyArt Italy, Pirelli tyres equipped. This weekend the crew completed the 20-stage event fist overall of WRC-2 Production Cup, after an entire race with electrical problems.

On its first trip to Rally Australia, Rendina and Pizzuti has suffered a lot of electrical problems for the entire first and second leg and the they are re-start with Super Rally. In the single days, Rendina look only one target: the finish line for to take the important point for the classification, in his ultimate round of the season.

At the end of rally the romanian crew took a strong first position of FIA production cup, and this represents more positive progress in the provisional ranking of WRC-2 Production Cup, the best result to date. The title is . . . nearby.

FIA PRODUCTION CUP PROVISIONAL STANDINGS : 1. Rendina 136 points; 2. Alonso 105; 3. Linari 68; 4. Torres 54; 5. Bestard 36; 6. Vallario 18.

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