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Max Rendina ready for sandy surface

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RALLY PROJECT and Max Rendina have a new challenge in front: their sixth round in the World Rally Championship WRC-2. This weekend, the driver with Mario Pizzuti will be take place to the 71th Rally of Poland, one of the oldest rally in the world, with the specific intent to lengthen in the provisional standings.

Remained at the first overall position in the "FIA PRODUCTION CUP" of the WRC after problems related to the allocation in the post-race - of some special stage times, Rendina is ready for a new challenge, even on sand surface, typical of the northern Europe rallies.

Rendina and Pizzuti, with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Group N-Ralliart handled and Pirelli equipped have only one target: in the Masurian Lake area, their debut on the sand, will be an important moment for the entire season.

Max Rendina said: "We believe this race an important moment for the title. We have been able to deal with all the most difficult situations, every race opened a new world for us and in Poland this will be even more because will find sandy surface. There will be three days very hard, there isn’t our direct rival Linari, but Alonso and Torres will be at the start.”

Seventh of thirteen appointments championship in 2014, the Rally of Poland joined the "round" world since 2009. Novelty of this year will will be touching Lithuania. The race has 21 special stages and 350 kilometers of competitive distance.

WRC-2:"PRODUCTION CUP" STANDINGS: 1. Rendina 97 points; 2. Linari 70; 3. Alonso 68; 4. Torres, Bestard 33.

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