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Test pre-Montecarlo

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After the first test on ice, in the last days on december, the Rally Project went in the north of Italy (Cuneo). They had the last test before the Rally of Monte Carlo. They tested the new Pirelli tires, with the cooperation of the Agnello brothers. They run more than 100 km and the team was satisfied. “We had a good working day! We tested many parts of our car and we are happy about the choise of Lancer Evolution. We are motivated and sure about our success” From today, Rendina and Pizzuri will start the reconnaissance. The race will start on 16th january and include 15 special tests: 6 in the first stage, 5 in the second stage and 4 in the last day. The total distance they will is 1396,760 km.

Under here, some pictures of event:

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